Our Team

At 631 Commerce Park Dr, Midvale, UT 84047, there is a family business called "Cgwaterfilter." It was an online store that sold all types of water purifiers. The business was started by a man named KILEY BERRY, who had always been passionate about providing clean and healthy water to his community.

KILEY BERRY spent several years researching the different types of water purifiers on the market and testing them himself to find the ones that would provide pure and safe drinking water. He realized that many people in his community did not have access to clean drinking water and wanted to help.

Therefore, he started his online store, Cgwaterfilter, to make it easier for people to purchase quality water purifiers at affordable prices.

One of the unique features of Cgwaterfilter is that we offer rationalized advice based on the needs of our customers. If someone is not sure which filter is right for their home or office, you can talk to our dedicated customer service Alma who will guide them through the selection process.

Cgwaterfilter's dedication to customer service and quality products has quickly made it the go-to place for people looking for a water filter. The success of the online store allowed KILEY BERRY to expand his business, and he even opened a brick-and-mortar store in his town where people could come in and see the different filters in person.

Cgwaterfilter will continue to grow and will always uphold its dedication to providing clean and healthy drinking water for everyone. We'll follow up with new products, so keep checking back with us!

We are accessible from Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (MST), and on Saturday and Sunday, we are closed. To reach us, dial +(1)(385) 202-8152 or send an email to support@cgwaterfilter.com.