About the scope of express delivery

We currently only provide service to the continental United States. As international shipping has been severely restricted due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we have decided to temporarily suspend our global services to maintain the integrity of our overall service.

How soon will I receive my package?

Package handling takes 1-2 business days; package shipping takes 2-5 business days, so delivery time is usually 3-8 business days.

Order cut-off time is Monday through Friday at 5:00 PM (MST). Orders placed after 5:00 PM (MST) on Friday will be processed and shipped the following Monday. (holiday extension).

How much does the shipping cost?

Our shipping costs are free for all orders, and we support USPS First Class Shipping.

How do we solve the problem of lost goods?

We are not responsible for products lost in transit, but we can help you contact the logistics company. You can first tell us the problems you encountered by phone or contact us by email, and we will arrange a particular person to help you query and solve the problem with you.

What if the order processing takes too long?

Assuming that the order processing time is longer than 10 business days unless otherwise stated, we have 2 processing methods, one is a direct refund without shipping, and the other is to arrange for shipping and reissue a $6 coupon.

What if the shipping time is too long?

If the shipping time is longer than 60 business days, please confirm whether your receiving information is filled in completely. If the receiving information is incorrect, please be responsible for it yourself. If you fill in the correct information, you can contact our customer service and choose to resend or refund.

Who handles sales tax?

The user is responsible for sales tax. We do not pay any taxes. The exact tax amount will be determined by the relevant local laws and regulations. If the package is rejected due to tax, the cost incurred will be borne by the customer.